We work together with exceptional founders, talented individuals and investors to transform innovative ideas into future-oriented business models around the world, with a clear focus on profitability and responsibility.

Our mission is to identify tomorrow's groundbreaking investment ideas and sharing it with our investors.

Our Portfolio consists of a broad range of growth investments and we further develop them strategically and operationally. Krypto AG creates value for its investors and contributes to the growth of the Blockchain ecosystem.

Our existing portfolio and our network can actively bring new investments to a higher level and create additional value. Whenever possible, we will build bridges and open doors to actively advance our portfolio.

Investment Participations

If you are interested in our company,
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Innovator and developer of Industrial Blockchain Solutions

Datarella develops bespoke blockchain-based innovations for and together with industry clients, providing full service consulting, development and implementation for business applications based on Blockchain technology. The industrial Blockchain serves as the foundational, underlying protocol for digital business transformation with converging technologies, such as AI, autonomous machines, AR and VR.

Among Datarella’s innovations are:

  • RAAY - Blockchain based payment, accounting, settlements & identity management system

  • CodeLegit - Blockchain based auditing of the compliance of software code

  • Crowdstart Capital - Blockchain based incentive scheme rewarding contributions to the ecosystem

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Krypto Management Consulting

Fully-fledged strategic ICO advisory and investment research

KMC is an ICO advisory and consultancy firm, offering full bouquet of services covering all relevant areas for a successful ICO launch. In addition, it introduces companies, family offices and institutional investors to the opportunities and current developments in the field of crypto currencies, providing them with comprehensive advice and financial products.

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KryptoEducation KEG

A rising-star contributing meaningfully to the Blockchain ecosystem through its educational & community building efforts.

Our vision at KEG is to drive adoption, by offering educational services for everyone from a complete novice to the trained professional and actively engaging in community building. CryptoAkademie teaches among others: the basics of blockchain and DLT related technologies, investments in individual cryptocurrencies, ICO analysis with a scorecard model , as well as trading strategies and their implementation.  

The content is made available to each member in the form of private groups, webinars and videos. The knowledge can be further spread through keynotes, masterminds and extended events at spectacular locations.KEG also promotes  high quality dialogue forums between its members and our experts as well it’s extensive network through various event & meet-ups.

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Helix Cognitive Computing

The world’s first truly decentralized cognitive distributed ledger for everyone & everything

Helix Cognitive Computing GmbH (Helix), a Berlin-based tech company founded in 2017, is dedicated to developing and creating the cutting-edge digital ecosystem for the Interconnection of Everyone and Everything (IoEE) – without intermediaries, central authorities, and at virtually no cost. By using a “blockless and chainless”, next generation architecture of a peer-to-peer digital exchange network (P2P), called the HelixTangle, and a Cognitive Cryptocurrency – HLX – the company plans to engage and help shift existing political and economic power structures across all levels of industry and society.

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Scalable blockchain, Interoperability, DEX

Herdius is a cross-chain blockchain interoperability protocol that interconnects blockchains on the private key level using private keys which are generated and distributed across the Herdius network. Herdius is working on a crypto exchange and algorithmic fund that interconnects different decentralized exchanges with centralized ones. While the fund inside Herdius is going to allow users to earn interest on assets stored inside Herdius wallets.

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If you are interested in our company,
please do not hesitate to contact us.